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PRESS RELEASE: Women in Planning Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

Women in Planning is delighted to share a video celebrating 10 years of the network. The video was produced by Urbanist Platform and sponsored by Bidwells. It features the network’s anniversary event which was held on 28 November 2022, and sponsored by Gowling, Savills and No 5 Chambers. The event celebrated the last 10 years of the network, how they’ve grown and their special achievements, including the launch of 15 branches across the UK, a nationwide mentoring program, initial research into gender equality and championing diversity across the sector.

National Co-Chair Charlotte Morphet commented in her speech:

“We did not set out to achieve all we have and did not expect to impact the planning profession and broader industry in the way we have…Tonight is a celebration of all our success pushing forward to greater inclusion across the profession and wider industry.”

The event also provided an opportunity for the network to share their aspirations and goals for the next 10 years. In her speech, National Co-Chair Kate Green set out priorities for the network over the coming years, saying:

“Championing gender equality is key to our aspirations and goals in advancing the profession. We need all genders in the room to achieve this…In addition, we also want to focus on new areas such as intersectionality, specifically race as we appreciate we are not as diverse as we could be. We know women from BAME background face discrimination on multiple fronts, and we want to work with partners across the profession and wider industry to provide support…We also want to work with women to promote planning as a career for girls and young women. This goes to the grassroots of career planning and supporting education services at all levels to promote the profession through a variety of opportunities.”

We’d like to thank all of our sponsors, speakers and supporters over the last 10 years, particularly those who were able to sponsor the anniversary event in November and celebratory video. Mike Derbyshire, Head of Planning at Bidwells, has been a key supporter of this video, commenting:

“Bidwells were delighted to sponsor this video which highlights the amazing work that Women in Planning have done over the past 10 years. We are looking forward to seeing what’s next for the network, particularly with the recent establishment of an East of England branch”

About the video producer Urbanist Platform

Urbanist Platform was set up to inspire the next generation to get involved in the built environment through career opportunities and conversations. The team specialises in content creation, particularly video content, to provide individuals and platforms a platform to be recognised, and foster partnerships between organisations and the communities they serve. In addition to producing video content, Urbanist Platform runs events in collaboration with industry partners and local communities.

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