Mentoring Scheme


About the scheme

The Scheme brings together individuals who are seeking support and guidance on their career development from more experienced professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

How it works?

  • Launched on International Women’s Day 8 March 2021

  • Applications will be open until 7 May 2021.

  • The intake of applications will be capped at 50 per role.

  • Fill out the form to become a Mentor or Mentee.

  • Participants will be capped at 20 pairings and based on best fit in the matching process.

  • If the scheme is oversubscribed, due to resources, Women in Planning may close the scheme to applications ahead of the 7 May 2021.

  • Details of Mentor and Mentee matches will be sent to each pairing by the end of July 2021. You will be given a point of contact at Women in Planning for any queries, or feedback. 

Who can join?

The scheme is open to all our members working in the planning and the built environment sector.  Students right through to those working in the Boardroom are all welcome. We will review each application and do our best to find a suitable match for you to fulfil your objectives.  Places are limited so get your applications in fast.

Application form and further information

Why mentoring?

The Network was established to empower women working in the sector and support their career development, we consider that the Women in Planning Mentoring Scheme is one of the ways in which we fulfil this.

Benefits for Mentors

The key benefits to Mentors are:​

  • The opportunity to act as a role model and inspire future generations.

  • Developing leadership and management skills.

  • Expanding connections across the Women in Planning network.

Benefits for Mentees

The key benefits to Mentees are:​

  • The opportunity to gain objective guidance and support from professionals outside of your organisation which will aide your career growth.

  • Learning from the experience of others and develop your own self-reflection and decision making skills.

  • The opportunity to focus on the skills/knowledge you would like to develop.