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About Us

Women in Planning is an independent network with the aim to promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive planning industry. We believe women should feel empowered when working in the planning industry.

Our membership fits our vision - it reflects the diversity of work and sectors in the planning industry. We are not a network only for women but a network for increasing diversity, inclusion and equality across the planning industry. We believe equality only comes from being inclusive and therefore welcome all to be involved in our network. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to increase diversity, equality and inclusion in the planning industry. We aim to do this by:

  • Increasing the visibility and profile of women in the planning industry to make it the norm;

  • Identifying and promoting inspirational female role models in the planning industry;

  • Championing the promotion of women by creating an environment where like-minded professionals can connect, talk openly about their ambitions and encourage each other to take on new challenges;

  • Supporting the professional development of our members through insightful events;

  • Presenting different career paths within the planning industry;

  • Creating networking opportunities which allow for the sharing of experience, knowledge and best practice in our sector;

  • Providing our members with a forum for making meaningful professional and social connections; and

  • Fostering an environment that promotes a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion.

We welcome those who support our vision to join our network, regardless of gender, and to get involved with our work.

  • Find out how to become a member - click here.

  • If you are a member find out how you can be more closely involved in the work we do  - click here.

  • If you are an organisation that supports our vision, find out about the benefits of sponsoring an event by clicking here.


Alison Mackay

Co-founder and national co-chair

Alison co-founded the network in 2012 to increase the visibility of women in the planning industry. She spent 7 years in London, working on a range of schemes from iconic towers in newly formed Housing Zones to redevelopments in super prime central London, and has recently relocated to York. Alison is a Senior Planner in CBRE's National Planning Team. 

At weekends, Alison spends her time on housing renovations.

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