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Deeds for not words – How we Press for Progress

The theme for International Women’s Day this year as #pressingforprogress. It is a strong call for action for 2018, to make sure we “press forward and progress for gender parity”[1] by motivating everyone to think, act and be gender inclusive. Women in Planning London celebrated the day by attending the Suffragettes exhibition ‘Votes for Women’ at the Museum of London. It was great to have attendees from the committee and membership to celebrate the day. The exhibition was a celebration of the sacrifices these brave women made to ensure that some women had the vote through an insightful documentary. I recommend every woman visits and watches the documentary. What I took away from the visiting was that to press for progress we need to find out inner Suffragettes. Words around gender equality are great but we need deeds.  Deeds like the Diversity Pledge set up the Future of London and speaker networks like Women Talk Real Estate. We need more initiatives like this in planning and related professions to press for progress. Charlotte Morphet, Co-Founder Women in Planning. [1]

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